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Xenna Jewels is owned and operated by Asena Aydogan and is based in The Netherlands. The story of the brand began in Turkey when she was on a trip in Istanbul. “The jewelry in Istanbul was an inspiration for me”. After her inspiration she came up with the idea to sell jewelry besides her study. In February 2015 she eventually decided to turn her passion for jewelry into a career. “I felt to combine a mix of the European and Asian style, what was missing in the Dutch market”.


The name Xenna is based on her own name “Asena”. Her name is Turkish and stands for a female wolf in the mythology, the wolf become a leader of the “Ashina clan” after helping an injured child.


Xenna Jewels is a brand that is selling men and women jewelry. We are delivering high quality products with attention to the smallest detail in the jewelry and with focus on creating contemporary pieces that add a stylish and luxurious element to the attire of the modern customer.


Our iconic jewelry line currently consist for men and women: bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.